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The entrance of Pori Markethall in the 1960s

Porin Markethall was built in 1927, and it is located in Yrjönkatu in the Pori centre. The architect was a man from Helsinki called Oiva Viljanen. Later in 1939 and 1955 they built more properties next to the markethall, even though they are not officially part of the markethall.

Big renovation was done in 2012 to modernize the place and to fill the standards for a markethall selling groceries. Pori Markethall use to have almost 90 different shops in two different floors, when nowadays there is less than twenty.

Porin kauppahalli

Picture from the renovated markethall

In 2012 the Pori Markethall was closed for 4 months due to the renovation. The renovation costed 1,8 million euros and its main purpose was to conserve the ´´old look´´, in example the floor is still from 1927.

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Lähde: Wikipedia / 3.1.2017

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